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Welcome to the shop founded four years ago with the aim to fill the gap in the market with scale accessories for offroad expeditions and also RC Truck trial.Who is behind the RC Offroad?

Let me introduce myself, my name is René Štika.


My experience with this interesting category of RC models are based primarily on participation in racing RC Truck trial, which also later became the birthplace of RC Offroad with us. Furthermore, I also worked on the production and testing of four-stroke engine models in 1: 5 and 1: 6, however this category did not interested me much.How did the RC offroad come into existence in the Czech Republic?Due to the availability of RC offroad models, RC Truck Trial has been gradually practically forced out , and except for a few isolated cups, not organized anymore. In my opinion, this is caused by the fact the models for RC offroad expeditions are widely available as assembled, unlike models of trucks.Specials for this kind of RC races were mostly composed of standard models or buggy RC monster truck. Standard model parts however but often weren’t able to withstand the heavy burden, often placed on the models during extreme races, and the problem with their replacement occurred. And thus I gradually started to design and produce these parts myself. The quality of my adjustments is evidenced by a number of cups and diplomas for leading positions in competitionsWhat technologies do we use in the production?Thanks to the experience, I have gained primarily in the project about four-stroke engine in the company Notyro Motors, we use modern technology and machines in the production. These products are designed in a 3D program and then put into production. Steel frames and other metal constructions are TIG welded and equipped with quality powder coating.Currently, we are starting to use the technology of casting plastics, rubber and other materials into silicon molds.How does our shop work?We encourage you to register in advance, as registration gives you automatically 3% discount on all products. Ordering is quick, easy and not limited to the minimum purchase. For shopping you simply and comfortably select the products that interest you, paste it to your basket and complete the order form.
Thank you for your visit and interest and I hope you will satisfied with our goods and services.